The New SLIK 515QF is a heavy duty, all metal tripod for use with video cameras up to 11.0 lbs (5.0kgs).

The SLIK 515QF features the new all-metal Digital Balance PRO head with long slide quick release plate. The plate remains attached to the camera and slides into a present locking groove making mounting and dismounting the camera fast and simple. This long slide quick release is important to properly balance the camera with heavy batteries, lights, or other accessories attached. The fluid effect pan head has a long pan-handle giving excellent leverage for smooth professional movements. Separate pan and tilt locks allow the camera movements to be independently locked.

The SLIK 515QF uses the classic rugged all-metal 515 legs that feature an adjustable and lockable mid-level spreader to keep all legs at the same angle and a crank center column for easy height adjustments. In addition, the SLIK 515QF legs have a easy-to-grip rubber twist-lock legs to handle heavy loads. Rubber anti-slide feet make the 515QF a more stable platform on smooth or polished floors.
The durability of this tripod make it excellent for educational A/V uses or other environments that demand a tough video tripod."

Model No. 515QF Capacity 11.0 lbs (5kgs)
Max. Height 65.15 in. (1655mm) Leg Sections Three (3)
Min. Height 26.92 in. (760mm) Elevator Stroke 7.0 in.
Weight 8.2 lbs. (3.7Kgs)

The SLIK 505 QF is an advanced, heavy-duty tripod that has an all-metal build to withstand the rigors of an educational studio environment.

To keep all three legs at the same angle all the time for maximum stability, there is a set of leg braces that are attached to the center column and can be locked in any position. This is a very convenient feature should you need to set the tripod in a cramped space that does not allow the legs to be fully spread. Knurled rubber grip twist release leg locks were incorporated for the tripod to handle video cameras up to 9 lbs. The geared center column has a tension control. The amount of friction (resistance to movement) in the center column can be adjusted to tailor its rise and fall to the weight of the camera being used. To change the tension, grasp the center column and turn to the right to increase and to the left to decrease tension.

The 505 QF comes complete with an all-metal fluid pan head with separate pan and tilt control locks. The base of the head has a bubble level for accurate leveling of the tripod in any situation. The panhandle is long enough to give excellent leverage for smooth panning, and the angle of the panhandle is fully adjustable to accommodate a variety of cameras and working styles.

Model No. 505 QF Leg Sections Three (3)
Max. Height 64.55 in.. (1640mm) Leg Lock Type: Twist Lock
Min. Height 29.55 in. (750mm) Maximum Load: 9.0 lbs. (4.0kgs)
Max. Center Column Extension: 7.09 in. (180mm) Warranty: 3 year
Folded Length: 29.55 in. (750mm) Suggest List Price: $299.95
Weight 7.95 lbs. (3.6Kgs)